She's waiting for her second baby. I'm waiting for my third baby (my Nikon D800).
We're both feeling the anticipation.
I loved everything about photographing this family for the first time. I truly cannot wait for this little girl to arrive.
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
It was a rainy day. We braved it out. I'm glad we did.
 Just for kicks and giggles, this is truly a behind the scenes shot of a family session... 
Little Miss Tude and Mr. Ball-of-Energy:
Yes, little sister did get tickle-attacked for the majority of our session. Her laugh is just too sweet to resist.
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
When a session begins with two giggly girls chattering about in their car seats, you know you're in for an adventure.
When a session consists of two very energetic toddlers, you know you better be coordinated enough to run while holding a camera, and keep the shot in focus all the while.
When a session closes with a shot like this, taken from the car as you're about to leave, you know that the relationships you hold with your clients go way beyond them simply being clients.
I can't believe I've been photographing these girls since they were teeny-tiny. Where do the years go?
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
It's been one of those days.
Sneak peek week starts tomorrow, I promise.
Yawns and lots of love, Taylor
Recently, I've had quite a few fellow photographers ask me for tips on photography as well as blogging (which I find absolutely crazy because I do not consider myself an expert what-so-ever in either category). Regardless, I poured over their emails, taking in each of their stories, compliments, and questions. I tried to give them the best advice that I could, but the best advice that I could compose was "simply be you".  
I told them to leave a part of themselves in each and every photo that they make. 
And to leave bits and pieces of themselves in every blog post.
I told them that the only photographer that they should ever compare their work to is their own. Because if they compare their work to other's, they will only lose themselves.
I told them that if they simply be themselves, only then, will they see how sweet it is.
I told them what I know from experience.
I got to snuggle this little sugarpie this afternoon. You're jealous, I know. ;)
Her full sneak peek will be posted shortly!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
I know that I've done a great deal of bragging about my clients (I seriously can't help it though because I really do feel like I have been blessed with some of the best clients there ever were).
 This lovely family is no exception. I met them about a year ago, and I've been photographing them since. I've seen their beautiful family-of-three grow to an even more beautiful party-of-four. They are complete naturals in front of the camera (there were moments when I felt like a fly on the wall... in a good way). They are easy-going and laid-back (seriously, a Bob Marley session soundtrack would have been fitting). And the relationships they hold with each other are so clearly deep (and the photos so clearly show it).
Yes, it's clients like these that make my job a piece of cake (even with a somewhat unwilling 3-year-old).
Oh, sweet Karris...
Remember him? Well, he's a 9-month-old mr. tough guy now!
I knew I wanted a storyboard with these images, but I love this one so much, so I had to put it on here BIG as well:
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
I knew he would grow to be a giggly guy when I took this photo of him a year ago:
But I had no idea that his sweet laugh would be nearly as adorable as it is. When you can get a kid to laugh like this, you know you're doing your job right:
The many faces of Kale:
Happy first birthday, Kale! I still can't believe it's been a year already!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor