I spent my early Saturday afternoon with brand new clients that I felt like I've known for years.
We enjoyed pink suckers, bubbles, and fruit snacks on a cool breezy day in the park.
I fell in love with miss Ava's facial expressions, and just to warn you, I'm certain that you will too.
Silly, and oh so beautiful as well...
I just can't get enough of this sweet girl. I can't wait to see her and her scrunchy nose again in July!
Have a wonderful week!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Like apple cheerios, hugs, and slobbery kisses.
And adoring every moment of her sweet voice saying, "I love you, Teeler".
And hearing her little feet stomp around the house as she's chasing my dogs.
And watching her fly fearlessly down the big slide.
And now I'm left wondering how she went from being so tiny to being a toddler in what feels like a matter of minutes.
Oh my, sweet Laila Rose, please slow down.
Have a great week, everyone. <3
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
See what I mean?
Peyton got a kitten for her birthday! I can't get over how gentle she was with him.
I love this girl.
Oh, my sweetness...
I've been photographing Peyton since she was a newborn.  Now, she is almost 2 years old and yes, she really is as sweet as she seems in these photographs.  
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
P.S. She's welcome back ANYTIME, Lauren!<3<3<3
When a session begins with two giggly girls chattering about in their car seats, you know you're in for an adventure.
When a session consists of two very energetic toddlers, you know you better be coordinated enough to run while holding a camera, and keep the shot in focus all the while.
When a session closes with a shot like this, taken from the car as you're about to leave, you know that the relationships you hold with your clients go way beyond them simply being clients.
I can't believe I've been photographing these girls since they were teeny-tiny. Where do the years go?
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
It's been one of those days.
Sneak peek week starts tomorrow, I promise.
Yawns and lots of love, Taylor
I would gladly photograph my two gorgeous cousins everyday. 
See why?
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
They have one of those homes that you walk into and just instantly feel welcome, like you've known them for years. You can imagine that I was overjoyed to find that they continued that vibe in front of the camera. They are naturals. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to capture this beautiful family. Is it just me or do Claire's eyes just seem to a say a little something that is beyond her two years?
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
It's sessions like these that make me wish there was such a thing as a repeat button. The way Mya sweetly said "I'm in Taylor's house" when entering my studio- repeat. That beyond adorable little scrunchy-face laugh- repeat. The fact that she's a carbon copy of her daddy, but completely has the personality of her momma- repeat. The way she pointed her little  face at the beautiful blue sky and softly asked, "airflane?"- repeat. Overcoming a fear of slides at the playground- repeat. And laughing even while landing flat on her bottom after going air born off the slide- repeat. Pointing her little baby finger at her own shadow on the pavement and being observant of every rock and stone that lay there as well- repeat. All of the silliness, sweetness, and joy that a little two-year-old body can hold. Repeat.
Oh yes, we had fun. I love that Mya's mom suggested the playground almost as much as I love her pretty face peeking in the window in the bottom shot. :)
Has it really been a year and a half since I first photographed this gorgeous girl? Time, please slow down. Please?
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
During a Kiwanis meeting today, a lady that I did not know came up to me and asked, "You MUST be an Elchert, right?". I smiled and said yes. I answer this question so frequently and it never fails to make me smile, inside and out. 
Another thing that I am quite proud of happened to me by complete accident. To get some inspiration for the last of my Christmas sessions, I googled for some photography blogs with Christmasy sessions that I could read and hopefully get inspired. Look who is #5! "Taylor ELCHERT Photography". I've never been so pleasantly surprised!
Here are a few shots from a Christmas Session I did with my little cousins. After all, what Elchert wouldn't be proud to be related to such cutie pies?!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
I simply cannot get over how photogenic this family is. I have photographed Alli quite a few times (she's appears in my page header with my logo!), but never the entire family as a whole. So it's obvious why their session couldn't come fast enough. Alli, Ryan, and their parents are such naturals in front of the camera. As the session came to a close, Alli said, "I have an idea! Let's start all over!". My heart skipped. LOVE her.
And the session ended silly, just as it should:
Ahh, sometimes I really do wish I could start all over. Maybe start over the day, or the weekend, or even my entire school experience. Okay, yeah, I've been feeling a lot of "I'm not ready to leave my parents and my sister and my dogs and go to college" lately.
Have a wonderful week everyone. I promise to try to start posting more often!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor