If there's one thing I'm good at, it's making simple things complicated. Get through elementary school, get through high school, make it into college, right? I just can't ignore my heart which is screaming (loudly) "Taylor Elchert Photography" while my mind is quietly nudging towards Xavier. I want the experience and the opportunities that college brings, but then, I can only wonder where my business could have taken me. I want to continue a career involving my passion, but then, I can only wonder what other talents and passions I could have found in college. 
It's not so simple, but it helps to know that I have a family constantly supporting me... and that God is two steps ahead of me. Always.
Thankfully, I have something that eases my mind (if even for a little while). And, that something is working on session sneak peeks! I hope you enjoy these shots of my adorable, sweet, and cheeky 6 month old cousin, Stella. I love this little miss SO MUCH, and trust me, I had a really difficult time choosing images for the sneak peek because all of them capture my heart. Enjoy <3
I suppose the truth is, I'll never be sure about the big life changing decisions (at least not nearly as sure I am about my love for cheesy potatoes and negative space). But that's the excitement in the ride, right? And if I do happen to fall off (which I'm sure I will), I can always brush myself off, and climb right back on.
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
2/1/2012 07:41:29 am

Love, love, love the very first picture. Her cheeks are so chubby and cute. She looks so focused on something, her eyes are so pretty. :)

Samantha Martin
2/1/2012 07:43:11 am

Oh my! That first picture, the black and white one is super adorable!! =)

2/1/2012 07:52:54 am

Sister! These are adorable, I love them all. Especially the first one!:)

Christina and John
2/1/2012 08:54:52 am

Taylor...... Your talent just amazes us! Love these pictures so much! Thank you! Man, I love those cheekers too!

2/1/2012 12:07:27 pm

Taylor - you do such an amazing job! :) Living across the country I don't get to see Stella often, but love all the adorable pictures of her! Thank you!!


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