Christmas Sessions

I know that many of you have been interested in my Christmas sessions! I have worked through the details, and this is what I came up with! The session fee will be $80 and here is what it includes:
- 45-60 minute Christmas themed session
- 25 beautiful Christmas cards featuring your photos (you choose from 5 different cards, and you choose the photos) Additional cards may be purchased
- 15-20 separate photos on a photo disc (3 different versions of each)
- the session will be shot in your home with your own Christmas decor (we may do a few shots outdoors as well)
Since limited space is available, here is what you do:
- in the comment of this post, please leave your name and email address
- tell me your kid's ages and names
- in a few sentences, describe your plans or ideas for your Christmas session
The names submitted will be randomly drawn in a week, and I will post the "winners" then. I will then email you to work out a date! Good luck!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
*** If you commented on my last post, you are already accounted for! The photo below is an example of just one of the card designs available with the session.
Laurie Good
10/30/2011 08:01:23 am

We build a new house this year and would love some Christmas photos (and cards) for our first Christmas in our family home. We have a 3 year old daugher, Madelyn, and a new "addition" on the way. Oh, and of course, our fluffy and photogenic dog, Spencer. :) Hope we are one of the lucky ones to get a Christmas session with you, Taylor! Your work is just beautiful!

Ashley Adams
10/30/2011 08:07:54 am

Sydney - 1-1/2
Paige - 4

This year we are looking to go for a more eligant look for our christmas pictures taken in my parents home in front of my moms beautifuly decorated tree and brick fireplace!! Hope that I am your one lucky winner .. I will be anxious to hear who the winner is!

10/30/2011 10:13:49 am

Hi Taylor, You have taken my youngest grandson's picture Bryaden. Well he is turning 2 in December. I dont have any pictures if him and his 2 cousins and him together (Sarah 7 and Elliot 4) and I would love to have a few. You did a great job before and I know these will turn out fantastic as well (between you and 3 cuties) I would have you do them at my other daughter's house in Fremont. I hope to hear from you soon!!

10/30/2011 10:26:36 am

Hey sissy! I don't want a Christmas session. I just wanted to say that I really liked how you used our picture for the example card. I love those pictures! We should re-do them every year at christmas!

Sarah Porter
10/30/2011 11:03:39 am

Hi Taylor, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you capture percious memories of Christmas in our new home! It is my FAVORITE time of year and I LOVE to decorate like crazy for this beautiful holiday :) I am interested mainly in having my lovely children Alli (5) and Ryan (almost 8) photographed. And maybe a few of our fur family Cooper, Koby and Bella! Hope to see you soon!

Leslie Poignon
10/31/2011 02:53:28 am

Hi Taylor! We would love to have pictures taken for Christmas...Gracie (3) and Hudson (2 months) will be so excited! I was thinking maybe decorating the tree?! xoxoxo

10/31/2011 03:42:17 am

Taylor, BIG smiles! The strength you find to always push yourself (I am write this as I shake my head at you). You are a truly a nature businesswomen. I not sure where you picked up these skills (maybe from your parents!) ☺

My ideas for the Christmas card is "Christmas List"- Get a chalkboard (s) have children parents write down what their children want for Christmas. If you want to excite kids just ask them what they want for Christmas. I was thinking about a narrative idea- picture of kids being naught then nice and last shot being Christmas list and mom and dad giving them that look. I don’t know tweek it!

Brittany Credit
11/1/2011 01:33:24 pm

Hi Taylor, first off LOVE your work!
This holiday season marks a very special time for our family that we would love to capture with some beautiful photos. This December we will be celebrating our son, Thomas's first Christmas as well as his first birthday, which also makes this the anniversary of our family being complete.

For a session I would like to do a vintage christmas with a bit of a modern twist. My husband and I are very into the 1930's and 1940's and thus decorate our house as such. I was thinking of doing the typical family decorating the tree or dad in the sitting chair, mom sitting across his lap and the little boy playing with a toy at their feet, almost like scenes from Its a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story.

Thanks Taylor for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you!

April Yeakle
11/2/2011 07:01:58 am

Hey Taylor think you are a fantastic photographer and been hoping to see something like this this winter since we didnt do the summer. We (me, my husband and three kids Hunter 7, Brayden 3, and Felicity 2) would love to have you come into our home and do a christmas shoot. Christmas is my favorite favorite holiday and our bug thing is baking cookies together as a family. Love to have shots of this hanging in the kitchen.

Angela Wilson
11/2/2011 07:13:21 am

hey taylor! As you now know from photographing my oldest daughters wedding, Monica, we have a big family! My children are monica 23,tj 21,Michael 19,gregory 15 and makayla 13. Even though they are growing and a couple have started their own lives I would still love to capture our holiday spirit! I go all out in decorating my home and would love to have you photograph that!

Mandy Hill
11/2/2011 07:20:56 am

Hey Taylor!
We would LOVE for you to take Braiden's pictures in my husband's parent's home! They have a large rocking chair to sit our little ham in and wonderful Christmas decorations! We have also had a long homemade Santa hat crocheted for him specifically for Christmas pictures. I would also like to bake some cookies and have him "sneaking" a bite from Santa's plate with his huge grin! You did an amazing job for us with his newborn pictures, we would be so grateful to have Christmas's done as well!! Thank you :)

Mandy Hill
11/2/2011 07:33:08 am

I forgot to say that Braiden will be 6 months on November 13th!!

Rebecca Hartley
11/2/2011 07:54:30 am

Hi Taylor, I would love to have Christmas pictures taken at the Coffman House. As this will be a very special holiday season with the addition of Miss Madison! Not only is she the first granddaughter, but, a great granddaughter. Madison will be 8mo on the first of December.Leaving lots of Love to you and your family..


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