Today was cloudy. Rainy. Dreary. Gloomy. The weather 100% reflected my mood.
That's why on this cloudy, rainy, dreary, and gloomy day in Ohio, I am glad that I can curl up under a blanket, drink hot cappuccino, and completely immerse myself in my work. And it just so happens that the current session I am working on is a sunset session with a with a couple of beautiful soon-to-be parents.
I'm reminding myself that no matter how dark and gloomy it may seem, the clouds will part and the sun will shine through. I just need a little patience.
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor

05/07/2012 19:15

Every day might not be beautiful, but you can find something beautiful in every day. Remember that sissy!

05/08/2012 05:50

Thanks, sista! That definitely proved to be true yesterday. <3 you!


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