No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth... I'm still here! As my Senior year is drawing to a close, I couldn't have predicted a more stressful time in my life. Between exams, the senior memory video, building a new blog, graduation, sessions, etc., I've been having trouble finding time for it all. I appreciate your patience and understanding at this time, whether you are waiting on your session disc, sneak peek, or email response. People tell me that I have a lot on my plate, but the truth is I have too many plates, if that makes any sense to you. I promise that after this week, I'LL BE BACK (and with a new blog)!
Again, I deeply thank you for your patience and understanding as I do my best to enjoy my last few days of high school!
Please stay tuned for more of this sweet girl! Her session sneak peek will most likely be the first on my new blog!:)
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
melissa hale
6/9/2012 10:29:25 pm

I sent u a email. I am interested in getting newborn pics. Do u have any open dates?


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