Today, I finished a wonderful book called Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I want to send a shout out to my sister, Jamie, for recommending the book to me because I absolutely loved it. So thanks sissy! Anyway, often times, I know a book is good by how many pages I bend. If there is a quote that touches me, I bend the page (if I own the book).  That way, when a day is rough, I have beautiful quotes to look back on. This book has quite a few pages bent.
I loved it that Sammi wanted to include her pup and bf in her second senior session with me! 
"We can't expect everybody to be there for us, all at once.  So it's a lucky thing that really, all you need is someone."- Sarah Dessen
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
P.S.- Congrats again, Sammi, for getting into Findlay. I am so happy for you! I <3 you and I can't wait for Christmas shopping! 
11/15/2011 06:28:35 am

Taylor, I can't even find the words to express how very, very much I love these pictures. Your gift has touched so many lives. Love you!

11/15/2011 07:47:28 am

I've been waiting for another sneak peak for so long! It's the perfect way for me to sneak in an extra five minutes for myself before starting my homework. This sneak peak was gorgeous sister! I absolutely love that very first picture of Sammi! That one definitely deserves to be printed as an least! And also Sammi if you are reading this, you should get that one in wallet size too! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for the shout-out to me :) I told you it was a super good book once you get through the sad beginning. I wanna see all the pages you marked, so I can read all the pretty quotes you picked out. Love you lots and see you soon!

11/15/2011 09:24:08 am

Aw! Thanks Jamie:) And Taylor, you are such a good friend. That doesn't even begin to describe how good of a friend you are! You are there in a heartbeat when needed and half the time without even being asked:) I love you so much best friend Taylor!!! And Jamie, you rock!!!


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