His momma and I have been chatting about this session since November, and let me say, she seriously gives the best compliments. After reading an email from her, I feel on top of the world. I can't wait to get the entire family in front of my lens this Summer, but I definitely enjoyed some one-on-one time with the littlest. His dimples are irresistible, and it's a crime that a boy has such long lashes. Unfair.
He is a total flirt.
SO jealous of those lashes!
There's something I love about baby toes in grass...
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Mindy Fox
4/3/2012 12:46:36 am

LOVE, LOVE them all!!! I can not tell you enough how excited that I am to have beautiful pictures to hang by Russell's!!! You are talented beyond your years!!!

4/17/2012 10:19:13 am

Love them Taylor!! Such a cute little boy.


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