I know I've been MIA this week, and here's why: 
This is my current workspace (not that it doesn't usually look this way).  Not only do I have random scribbles on post-its, notebook paper, business cards, envelopes, and college post-cards, but I also do have a "to-do" list on my computer desktop.  I'm a list person.  Kyle may make fun of me -he has superb organizing skills- but this my way of organization. I coordinate what info is on what absurd piece of paper. My college visit information is on the blue envelope to the thank you card from a friend, the Christmas Session winners/dates are on my SAA college card, etc.  I think it's a pretty effective system I've got going!;P Anyway, this week has been extra stressful and I apologize for my absence!  
In preparation for my Christmas Sessions coming up, I've been experimenting! And yes, I realize that at this time I should probably be posting a sneak peek, but I'll save that for another time mainly because I don't have one ready! This is my favorite shot from my experiment...
This is my sweet Westley Bear who is in need of some serious grooming. His beard is slowly turning into a darker shade of brown... and he smells. BAD. Really really really bad. I've been waiting for the Petsmart to open in Findlay so that he can finally get a true "Westie haircut" by their professional groomers.  Regardless of his brown beard and foul smell, he sure makes an adorable model. Adorable, yet difficult.  His nose is out of focus because he would not stop turning his head.  He will sit or lay down perfectly, but he can't keep his head still for the slightest second!  Anyway, I can't wait to use this bokeh effect for my Christmas session Saturday with my quickly growing cousin, Stella. Maybe she will be able to keep her head still? We will see.  Seriously though, you people better be prepared for some serious bokeh happening up in here. I think I'm in love.
Well, unfortunately, I can't ramble any longer. I need to get photos and addresses around to ship off tomorrow, prepare for my FIRST tutoring session tomorrow (Algebra 2. wish me luck), get a portfolio started, burn photo discs, respond to emails, get photos/film organized for the senior slideshow, finish applying for college, and of course, work on editing sessions/weddings. 
See why I need a million lists?
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
11/10/2011 05:58:03 am

The picture of Westley is ADORABLE!
And I feel very special to be on your desktop!!

11/10/2011 06:02:45 am

Kali- I love that picture of all 3 of us! I attended a photog workshop over the Summer and one of our assignments was to create a board that described us. It's remained my desktop background since. Thanks for the comment. <3 you!


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