In honor of the start of Best Paw Forward, Kyle and I took some senior photos with our dogs! Unfortunately, my two terriers were VERY uncooperative so it only resulted in two photos of me with my boys.  It also resulted in me cutting burrs out of Westley's hair (but my mom doesn't know about that part yet! Oops!). Of course Kyle's pup was the perfect little model. I should've known better than to expect so much out of my two crazy dogs... 
But, I still love them like a crazy person.
Both of these photos of myself were taken by my sister, Jamie. Thanks for dealing with my "abuse" and "yelling". I still don't see it... I just want things done right. I love you, sissy;)
The rest were, of course, taken by me. I really loved photographing these two handsome guys!
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I hope, more than anything, to change shelter animal's lives. Every animal deserves to feel love.  It absolutely breaks my heart that for many cats and dogs, shelter life is all they know. Help spread the word and ADOPT!
10/24/2011 12:04:54 pm

Beautiful pictures as always Taylor! Can't wait to see more! It's such a great thing your doing to help get animals adopted! Love it! Keep up the good work
Smiles and lots of love,
Kyle and Pupperz :)

10/24/2011 12:07:07 pm

Tell Kyle to bring Pup over more! I want to hang out with him! I had fun today even though you told me I was bad at taking pictures.

10/24/2011 11:21:17 pm

Thanks Kyle! And Jamie, I most certainly DID NOT say that!


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