I recently had the pleasure of photographing the youngest Beaston! The last time I photographed this little miss, she was just a newborn. It is quite amazing seeing little ones hit their milestones. Although, Kamryn has such long hair- I would never guess that she is only 6 months old. She looks more like a 1 year old to me! However, I would guess that she is Lexi's little sis. Photogenic genes DEFINITELY run in this family. Kamryn thought the camera shutter was the funniest and most intriguing sound ever. I wish all little ones thought so!
Ahh, this has been a stressful week (and it's only Wednesday...). I've been up past obscene hours every night this week finalizing Christmas card orders and sessions and weddings and exam reviews, only to climb into bed counting the things I need to finish the next day, while feeling extremely unaccomplished.  How is it that a person can wake up at 6, go to school till 2:45, work from 3pm-1am (whether that means missing dinner or not), and still feel unaccomplished? It's bad.  I know it's bad.  When people start becoming just "people" to me- that's how I know it's bad. When I feel like I haven't really had a real conversation with my boyfriend, or best friend, or sister in days... probably because I haven't. That's how I know it's bad.
Thank goodness for my mom, who stayed up with me last night helping me fix the "baked goods plate" that all NHS member must do while I mourned over the loss (no exaggeration) of my failed red velvet cake balls, and then, convincing me that the mismatched chocolate plate was really pretty and yummy looking (even though deep down, I knew it wasn't, but I believed her anyway). She knows how to cure my obsessive perfectionism-even when I am in tears-possibly because she's a perfectionist herself.
Thank goodness for my brother, who gave me the one of the best pieces of advice I've heard : "Just chill out for two seconds."
Thank goodness for my dad for reminding simply that life goes on.
And THANK GOODNESS for my blog for being here for me to vent to. Whether anyone reads my long rants, or not. And I seriously give you credit if you stuck it out through the whole thing!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
12/14/2011 06:51:32 am

I read it sister! These pictures are just what I needed after studying virology all day. No matter how much I study for these stupid virology exams I can't get above a 90%....how's that for unaccomplished!?!?! Schools almost out love and you'll have much more time for the people in your life. Cheer up sissy!!! We gots shoppin to do!

12/14/2011 08:32:06 am

I read it cuzzie! :) I wish I could help in some way....life is too short to be so busy at your age! My hope for you is that 2012 slows down a little and you take time to enjoy your senior year!!!! You have the rest of your life to work! UNACCOMPLISHED SHOULD NOT BE A WORD IN YOUR VOCABULARY, you are anything but unaccomplished.
Much love, Michelle

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