When the mother of the S family contacted me about a week ago, I made it my priority to fit them in as soon as possible.  You see, her husband was leaving for Afghanistan and that she wanted family photos taken before he left.  Of course, this is the sole reason I love photography: memories.  I wanted this family to have memories that they could hold while their husband/daddy was away.
And so, I drove to this session with a lingering strange feeling. How could I persuade a family to smile and laugh when they are carrying such heavy hearts?
I arrived at our first location to receive news that was quite amazing.  He no longer had to leave.  He had received a phone call saying that he was no longer needed at the time.  Just like that.  Their worlds turned around.  And even though I had only known the family for less than 10 minutes, mine did too.
And with that, I want to send an extra thanks to all of the men and women who offer their service for our beautiful country.
Oh, and I just love this b&w bundle...

Christmas Sessions

I know that many of you have been interested in my Christmas sessions! I have worked through the details, and this is what I came up with! The session fee will be $80 and here is what it includes:
- 45-60 minute Christmas themed session
- 25 beautiful Christmas cards featuring your photos (you choose from 5 different cards, and you choose the photos) Additional cards may be purchased
- 15-20 separate photos on a photo disc (3 different versions of each)
- the session will be shot in your home with your own Christmas decor (we may do a few shots outdoors as well)
Since limited space is available, here is what you do:
- in the comment of this post, please leave your name and email address
- tell me your kid's ages and names
- in a few sentences, describe your plans or ideas for your Christmas session
The names submitted will be randomly drawn in a week, and I will post the "winners" then. I will then email you to work out a date! Good luck!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Brittany breyman
10/26/2011 11:59:17 am

I saw you taking these pics today. Beautiful!

10/26/2011 12:03:26 pm

Jylan 7, Jamison 6 , Jayci 1 and of course Nya 2, You know i have to at least try we have matching outfits !!! Pics around the tree and on the couch or even us making some christmas cookies !!!! if the weather is snowy sno ball fight or snoman !!! Whoever wins will have a an amazing picture session with Taylor !!!!!!

10/26/2011 12:33:23 pm

Thank you so much for your beautiful sentiments; we had a real reason to smile today! God works in mysterious ways( 2nd time he's been called up and then suddenly canceled) These turned out great! Thanks for sharing them so soon and can't wait to see the rest! I'm wondering if we should sign Cameron up for modeling school! LOL

10/26/2011 01:29:22 pm

Braelynn a few months shy from 2. My family and I were thinking to get pictures at my parents house around the tree and fireplace and perhaps on front steps... My sister is off to college and I have my own family but we wanted to send family pictures out of the whole family one last time! :) outfits will of course match and all of us with big smiles!

10/26/2011 02:34:55 pm

Lincoln 6 1/2 months old. We are up for anything. Whatever ideas you have will be great. We have three little dogs Lola, Yoshi and Cooper so we would like to get some photos with them. I am planning on getting a little tree for Lincoln that is "fun" if I can find what I am looking for. Christmas is our favorite time of year!!

10/26/2011 10:13:43 pm

Kash 3.5 Carter 1.5 along with their best friend Charlie ( 1.5 goldendoodle) around our Christmas tree, playing outside in the snow(if there is any) with the dog, and cuddled up next to fireplace:) We couldn't be more excited!!

10/27/2011 03:12:38 am

Hey Taylor! Our kids are Taylor (age 2 ½) and Payton ( 3 months). For Christmas I am hoping to get some photos to send out to family & friends of us 4 together because I don’t think we have any yet! Would be great to get some pictures in front of Christmas tree or of Taylor & us decorating the tree, all of us in front of the tree/fireplace/stairs. Taylor always wants to help me cook and bake so we could always make Christmas cookies or something and make Dad help as well. If it wasn’t too cold outside for the baby, we would love to do that too!. Maybe a bright red Christmas bow on a JD Tractor  Or something to make them look Christmassy outdoors!

Jessica Anderson
10/29/2011 03:06:59 am

Hi Taylor! Rylan is 3 months old. U did such a wonderful job on his 2 week old pictures I am def interested in your Christmas session! U have great ideas so we are up for whatever u have planned:) hope everything is going well for u and hope to see u for a Christmas sessions:)


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