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Today is not easy. Mourning. Remembrance. Grief. Love. Learning.
We are mourning for loss of friends.  The halls of my high school have never been so silent.  Literally, not a word was spoken as we walked to our first period classes.  It was one of the most unbelievable and yet startling things I have ever experienced.
We are remembering our friends. Looking back on time spent together. Memorizing their voices, smiles, the sound of their laughs.  We are trying to encode them into memory in a way that they will never be forgotten. Although, in the backs of our minds, we know that it is humanly impossible to remember every single detail.
We are grieving. Together. 
We are loving the times that we spent with our friends. We are loving our living friends and family a little extra and taking the time to send some extra love to our other lost loved ones.  
Most of all, we are learning.  Learning that life is sometimes grievously cut short. That we are not invincible. That always driving safe is so vastly paramount. And that sometimes, God's plan overrules our own.
Today, I am hugging my friends and family extra tight and making sure I don't leave one thing left unsaid.
And I am sending much love to heaven for those lost then and for those lost now. 
3/22/2011 07:25:42 am

I don't even know the boys, but I am praying for their families. I am also in tears because what you wrote is real, so true. I say I love you everyday to the ones I love because you never know when they will be gone.


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