Recently, I've had quite a few fellow photographers ask me for tips on photography as well as blogging (which I find absolutely crazy because I do not consider myself an expert what-so-ever in either category). Regardless, I poured over their emails, taking in each of their stories, compliments, and questions. I tried to give them the best advice that I could, but the best advice that I could compose was "simply be you".  
I told them to leave a part of themselves in each and every photo that they make. 
And to leave bits and pieces of themselves in every blog post.
I told them that the only photographer that they should ever compare their work to is their own. Because if they compare their work to other's, they will only lose themselves.
I told them that if they simply be themselves, only then, will they see how sweet it is.
I told them what I know from experience.
I got to snuggle this little sugarpie this afternoon. You're jealous, I know. ;)
Her full sneak peek will be posted shortly!
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor

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