I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I want to send out a big "thank you" to everyone who attended the benefit last night- it had a great turn out.  This break was definitely an eventful and enjoyable one! There's nothing like having everyone here. Of course, I took about 1,000 pictures.  I wish I had the time to share them all on my blog, but I don't.  So instead, I will share photos of a family very close to my heart.  Their session was also my first Christmas session of the year! It was really lovely being a part of their Christmas prepping.  It's sessions like these that make me thankful that I get to see and experience such beautiful moments, and of course, capture them.
I absolutely love this next photo.  Gracie is hanging Hudson's first ornament.  It's almost like he is watching her as she does so!
Every year at Thanksgiving, it has been a tradition for my family to list all of the things we are thankful for while eating dinner.  For some reason, I have the hardest time with coming up with things to say.  I think this is because the things that I am most thankful for aren't really "things".  They are what I feel in my heart.
Have a wonderful week everyone<3
Smiles and lots of love, Taylor
Leslie Poignon
11/27/2011 10:02:30 am

Love, Love, Love! You are amazing!!!!! Thanks so much for taking these for us :)

11/27/2011 11:16:07 pm

And I'm thankful I only have to put up with Justin on the holidays!

Rebecca Kramer
11/28/2011 12:30:26 am

Oh Taylor... You have once again performed your magic. Your marvelous talent of capturing the wonder in the faces of my grandaughter Grace and my new grandson Hudson Michael is nothing short of a blessing from above. Have a wonderful holiday with lots of hugs!

Kim McLane
11/28/2011 02:31:34 am

Super cute!!!LOVE the Poignon family:) XOXO

9/24/2012 07:42:23 pm

Great info, thanks


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